Money is inherently personal. For this reason, we take an individualized approach to building and managing client portfolios.

Instead of relying on generic, off-the-shelf models, we custom build diversified portfolios to match the goals and risk tolerance of each individual, family, trust or charitable organization.

At the heart of this process are the regular meetings of our investment committee. Committee members include portfolio managers, security analysts, trustees and tax professionals, each bringing to the table specific sector expertise and unique perspectives on investment opportunities. Our analysis of current and prospective investments incorporates our own independent research, as well as that of carefully vetted industry sources. In all cases we focus on long-term potential, not influenced by investment fads and short-term market fluctuations.

The pillars of our portfolio construction are:


Large cap US stocks act as the foundation for most of our client accounts. We choose specific stocks carefully by analyzing industry dynamics, valuations, balance sheet attributes and company leadership. When appropriate for diversification purposes, we may also include international, emerging market, small-cap or mid-cap equity positions. This is typically achieved using low-cost mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Fixed Income

We select individual bonds and bond funds to produce reliable income, protect capital and diversify portfolios. Typically, we create high-grade bond ladders, often supplemented with low-cost fixed income funds to gain desired exposures.